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Someone I met at the oncologist's office

Remembering Dave

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It seems like every time I am in the waiting room at the oncologist's office (they also have a "chemo room" there) there is also waiting a young woman and her young, toddler daughter, waiting for the young woman's mother to have her chemo. Finally, yesterday, I initiated a conversation with her. Wish I had months ago. Turns out her mother has lung cancer which had mets to the brain before they diagnosed it. She had half a lung removed, surgery for the brain tumor, chemo and radiation on her head - and now it's spread further. This young woman told me she's a single mom (although sounds like the baby's father is actively in the picture) and lives with her mom and is working full time, caring for her mom and her daughter, and going to school. She had an upbeat attitude although has the responsibliities and stress of a much older person. She was exasperated with her Mom because through all of this she is still smoking, and feels her treatment would be more effective if she hadn't (no argument from me on that one). As she was leaving she said she would pray for Dave and I told her I would pray for her family as well. I wish I had gotten her name, but ask those of you who read this, to pay for the 23 year old young mother I talked to. I'm sure God will know who it is.

Thanks everyone and God Bless,

Karen C.

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