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My news is not so great,,,look and see

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I don't know why I haven't caught your story before, but unfortunately I'm not suprised by it, and that is very sad in of itself.

My dad had bladder cancer, had his entire bladder removed and was told by the surgeon " he got all the cancer" .......my dad died of extensive bladder cancer Aug. 2005.

But Steven, keep on keepin on, you're doing a great service by spreading the word on your situation. Please know that you got alot of supporters here....


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I don't venture in here often but did tonight, and listened to your story.

Like anyone else, I find it completely and totally appalling that this happened. I can't believe that sometimes we trust people who do incomprehensible things and who have a total disregard for our lives.

He should lose his medical license for his incompetence. I'm sorry this happened to you.

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I cannot venture how many xrays my lc showed on before anyone told me about it. And lc was in my familial med. hx.! A chiropractor told me that I needed to have it checked. I went to my G.P. and she took an xray again. I saw it on the film as did she. She did send it to have reviewed by a radiologist. The radiologist said "all clear". I told the doctor I wanted another read or a clearer view. She said "no, the radiologist is the expert. My advice to you is not to see any more chiropractors."

I was shamed into compliance!

Seven months later after another suspect cardiac/increase heart rate ER visit, the ER doc insisted on admitting me. I told her there is nothing wrong with my heart. Finally she said that there was something on the chest xray that didn't look quite right and she wanted to admit me for tests. "okay...I know what it is, let's see if it is bigger..." I looked at the film, and sure enough it had grown to 3 cm. (Actually 2 tumors next to each other.)

I called the radiologist when I got the gutts. She said, " Why did you embarrass me by telling the staff that I missed the tumor?... yes, it is there. I am sorry, I don't know how I could have missed it."

Long story short, I had several ER visits in the 2 years prior to dx. It was there every time. I had xrays at the asthma doctor. It was there on the films as well. Nobody told me.

When I contacted an attorney, she told me that my case would be difficult as I would probably be dead by the time this all shook out. Also, that my treatment and outcome would be the same whether it was caught earlier or later. (!!!!!!) GRRRRR.

I have tried so hard to put all of this behind me and practice forgiveness and "stuff happens", but your post brought it all back for me. This, to me, seems to be another example of how lc patients are not taken care of. Also, it makes me feel completely uncared for. What do they get paid to do?

Good for you for finding legal representation.

I hope he gets spanked, but good!

Cindi o'h

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