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My story is very long but I must tell you all, you must get your scan reports and read them yourself. Sometimes doctors miss things or even hide them from you. Watch this and you will see why. 3 Doctors who watched me very closely either missed or didnt tell me I had Lung cancer for over 4 years.



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Wow Stephen. That is amazing. I can't believe your doctor missed this.

Did you have radiation to the chest for your first cancer? I'm wondering if your heart problems were caused by radiation....even your lc caused by radiation?

Keep up us posted. Again, you are absolutely right. We all need to be reading our scans to double check our docs.

Good luck with the lawsuit. I can't imagine any jury going against your case.


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Rad was bad on my heart. No excuse for three doctors who watched me close not to pick it up on the scans, Some of them are just to busy and you slip through the cracks as one said in a depo. Its been a rough year, Im on Tarceva and Avastin,,,,in check for now.

Thanks for your interest.


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Hi Steven,

I'm just shocked by this ! I don't know what to say or think. I feel rage at this Doctor.... It's hard to imagine a professional person being so irresponsible!

I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I commend you for sharing your story so that others may learn to be more proactive, however... How can one be more proactive when you are doing everything your Doctor tells you with the exception telling you of the cancer ?!!? I'm just deeply shocked and sorry.

I'm glad you are in "check" You are young and appear to be of strong mind and body, this will serve you well through your treatment and recovery.

It's my wish that this "Doctor" if you can call him one, is held accountable for compromising your health.

My very best thoughts and wishes to you and your family,


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He should be Fricking shot. Iam sorry what an idiot. I bet if it was his Xray he would'nt shrugged it off.

I am outraged!!!!!... this could have been taken care of right in the beginning and chances are you would have been cured.

I just can't believe this, Steve. :shock:

I am so sorry.... like you said I wonder how may others he did not tell what he saw. May not have all been C but any abnormality...

He should lose his license...

Good luck with your treatments and please keep us posted on your case.

Maryanne :cry:

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Amazing! This is why all of us should get copies of every x-ray, CT scan, PET scan and MRI. I have them put on a CD and keep them. Then I have them for a second opinion.

I am sorry you went through all of that with no treatment. Let's pray that you can get treatment now and beat this.


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Well a cardiologist may not diagnose or treat lung problems but he should at the least refer you to someone who does! Did a radiologist look at these xrays?

So sorry you have to go through all this and fight the cancer.

Donna G

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