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A miracle...not exactly pertaining to LC..but inspiring


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Today I met a few of my neighbors. I was taking a jog around the campsite and some men were sitting around a picnic table drinking a few beers and talking. They commented on the heat and how it was too hot to run so I stopped and started talking with them.

They recognized my hometown and started making jokes about it. I was excited because two of the men had lived close to my hometown and knew it well. The other man had been through the area a couple of times. We started talking about being country and one of the guys was cooking some sausage, rabbit, and black-eyed peas on an outdoor stove.

He insisted that I stay and eat and when he learned about my roommate he insisted that she come over and eat as well. I was a bit reluctant at first because I hadn't eaten rabbit in a long time and didn't want to and I didn't want to impose on his kindness...but he was a Southern man and that spoke to me because my Granny is the same way. You go anywhere near her house and she wants to feed you. It's just a Southern thing and I knew that it would be rude to refuse...besides...it smelled good and I was willing to try the rabbit.

As the evening progressed I found out that he used to work with my dad about 20 years ago. So I called up my Dad...more people trickled in and we had a great time talking and joking. They offered us beer once but after we refused they respected us and told us we were good for not drinking. We ate and the food was delicious. The cook kept telling me to get more but I was stuffed before I finished my first plate. That was some good Cajun style cooking.

He pulled my roommate aside and asked how much we were paying for cable. He said that he had tapped into our cable and felt gulty so he wanted to pay for it. He wouldn't take no for an answer and eventually stuffed $40 into her pocket.

He and another guy came to our camper to check to see if they could help us figure out how to control our refridgerator settings and while he was there he handed my roommate a $100 bill while I was washing dishes and told her to split it for groceries and gas. He had been searching his own camper to find groceries for us but didn't know what we liked to eat so he gave us money. He said he wanted to help and he knows where we come from and that it is hard sometimes. I couldn't argue with that but I was floored by his generosity.

I offered to cook everyone a gumbo, fully intending to pay back meal for meal but then they asked what I put in my gumbos and insisted on buying the ingredients....that defeats the purpose of me cooking for them to pay them back for the excellent meal they fed us but they wouldn't hear of me buying the ingredients myself.

The guy even wants my dad to come up here and watch a drag race with him and the guys to lift his spirits up. He wants to see my dad again. He worked with him about 20 years ago. He even offered to pay for us to go watch the race.

If this man isn't an angel in disguise I don't know what he is...

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