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Dad has small cell lung cancer


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Hi I'm new to this but need to know if anyone has suggestions. My father has emphazema in his left lung and was diagnosed with small cell cancer in his right lung in April 2006. He also has a spot in his liver and limphnods. He has been undergoing chemo which has slowed it down but has not shrunk the cancer. He is now having alot of problems breathing and they said due to health can no longer due chemo. He will be starting radiation next week. The Dr has told him that it will not cure him but will give him more time with us and that without it he would only be with us for a month or so. He is so tired when I visit it's so hard to see him going down hill. I live away from him and run my own business so it is hard to get to see him so I do alot of calling and telling him about my daughter and such. The problem now is that radiation will be 5 times a week. My mom is trying to find out how to financially take a leave from work but can not make ends meat. I am not able to help out financially unfortunatly and am trying to figure out how to help. Mom is asking to go to second shift at work so that she can be with dad as much as possible. She is so worn out it just breaks my heart. Is there any options out there that we can get the financial help so that mom can spend time with dad before he leaves us. Please can any one give me advice on where to turn to. I want to help mom so bad.

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Sorry to hear about your dads cancer. When doctors say no cure, that's only an opinion. I was told there was no cure, and now I am cancer free. Your dad may be a good candidate for the drug Tarceva. The side effects are not as bad as chemo. In my case I had no bad side effects from chemo or Tarceva. I would ask about Tarceva. For financial and other help, you might try your local social services. Go on to some of the top cancer sites you will find info. If I can give you any more info let me know. Your dad can be cured. There is not a cancer that someone has not beaten.

Stay positive


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Thank You for your advice. We will ask the Dr about Tarceva. I hope that could be an option for him. I'm so glad to hear that you are cancer free and beat this awful disease. My prayers are with you. This is such a emotional roller coaster. When I am down I like to go to the sites about people that fight and win. It helps to know that there is hope. Dad also had no bad side effects from chemo. He kept his appetite until recently mom says she has to make him eat. I try to talk positive and look on the positive sides when I talk to him. He was in the dumps about chemo not working and I told him but it did, because they gave you a month your still here and the cancer didn't grow. They may have wanted it to shrink but at least it didn't grow. Thank You again for the advice about Tarceva we will look into it. May god be with you.

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I don't know if they have tried Tarceva on SCLC patients or if it even is effective on sclc. I've only heard it used with NSCLC.

However, there are less harsh chemotherapies for SCLC if your dad wishes to continue to be aggresive and seek other options. There is topotecan and they can also try only one chemotherapy agent from the 2-agent combo they usually try during first line treatment so that it might be better tolerated by the body.

Also, another explaination for his appetite loss may be mouth sores from radiation. This is quite common and you may ask him about that. If that is the case, there is "magic mouthwash" and other medications his doctor can prescribe that might help. There are also appetite enhancing prescriptions your doctor can prescribe such as MEGACE that helps with appetite loss.

I would contact the chemo center or hospital that your dad goes to. There should be a social worker there whose job it is to provide you with this information. I know that the American Cancer Society and programs such as community transport services will provide free transportation to residents who are in need of transportaion to and from appointments. There should be some financial aid resources that social worker can direct you to as well.

Because I don't know your location and am in a different state, I can't be more specific on how you can get help, but this is a start and I would call the social worker and ACS.

Keep us posted. I'm saying a prayer for your dad.

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Welcome, and I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Perhaps there is a social worker at the hospital or at the oncologist's office that might be able to offer suggestions to your mom. As for your dad's appetite issues, Megace helped me tremendously when I was having trouble eating. It started working almost immediately and very effectively so I didn't have to use it very long. I'll keep you and your parents in my prayers.


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So sorry about your Dad. You have found a wonderful place for advice and I see you have already received a bundle.

I am in a similar situation. This horrid desease has multiple trickle down effects from health, anxiety, fear and financial stress.

I hope you can find a solution to help ease the financial aspect of your situation. I wish you and your family the very best durring this difficult time.

Warmest Regards,


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I am so so sorry to hear about your dad's cancer. This is such a roller coaster disease. Please know you have our support and love to help you get through. We don't know our destiny before we have cancer, and we don't know it afterwards either.

Stay strong and keep us posted. Your love and support is a ton of help. I know I share this website and what I find here with my parents, and just that alone helps.



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Welcome. I imagine it is so hard for you not to be able to be there with your Mom and Dad.

When I had chemo , one day a week because I had to have sedation I could not drive myself because it would not be safe to drive home. On that day my church set up a ride for me every time. Is there friends or church people or does he belong to the VFW or American Legion or somewhere that people would be willing to volunteer? If it is just for radiation usually it is quick and they would not have to wait long.

Donna G

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Try this Link for Chemo options;

http://medicineworld.org/cancer/lung/sm ... ancer.html

This may help but check with Social worker first if possible for finincial help;


Sending Prayers

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