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How do you go from Daddy's baby to no Daddy


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I guess I'm going to have to quit writing, it's so sad and my heart goes out to you all. Don't guess I'll ever get use to not having a Daddy. I don't have any kids and that makes my Daddy that much more important. Thanks for putting up with me. Love to you all!!!

Love you all bunches! Shordy...how do you quit crying??

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I am so sorry for the pain both you girls are experiencing. I know how bad it hurts to lose someone you love. I also know the "empty" feeling that Katie described. For months, everything revolves around cancer. We keep busy going to doctors, treatment, tests and then do research in our spare time. Then, when the end comes it is extremely hard to figure out what to do with time. You are both in my prayers daily!!!

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I was 35 when my mom died of lc and 36 when my dad passed. I know how hard it is but it really does get better. It just takes time and until the time does pass it is extremely hard. they not only passed on but they had a horrible disease for sometime before they left us. It is that which makes it so terrible. Going through all the fighting to survive than whamy. It didn't work and now nothing to fight for....

Hang in and know that we are with you in your struggle to understand how one does go on....The sun will shine again I promise....

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