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chemo brain does exist-interesting article


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I noticed this article on MSN on the effects of chemo on brain function especially in women.

I found it especially interesting as I talk to people about applying for disability.. they assume the effects of chemo only exist while you are taking chemo or for a very short time thereafter..

This article begs to differ...



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Thanks Tami,

I was beginning to think that I was losing it because my memory and concentration levels have not gotten back to where they were.

They're definately better than they were but a still a long way from pre-chemo levels, I stopped chemo in May 2002 so thought it was just old age creeping up!!

Now if I can only remember that it's not old age.......now, what was I saying?


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Is it not just amazing that megabucks are spent on a study like that when they can just ask those of us who have 'been there-done that'. Then we could take those mega bucks and put them to work to help find a cure.

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