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she cheats the grim reaper once again

cindi o'h

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Cindi o'h had another good 3mo scan. Mysterious pleural effusion in the "good" lung has decreased in size; heart effsion stable. No word of any lymph nodes rearing their ugly little heads. Whew! He squeegeed under my arms. He squeegeed my neck. He poked my laughy belly.

Happy to be around...

Cindi o'h

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Great news Cindi! Though I normally don't support cheaters, I'm so glad you're strategy is working but I won't be playing cards with you anytime soon.

Now, as the superstitious person that I am, I'll have to ask you to KNOCK ON WOOD!

I know it's crazy but I've had coworkers at work say, "Wow, today has been real quiet". Then we get slammed with crisis calls, residential issues,

walk-in intakes, etc. My staff have learned their lesson, all it takes now is an evil glare and they start knocking.

We all just love you Cindi and would like to keep Franks fatlady away from you too!

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