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Call from ONC Nurse not all good


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I did the PET and the CT Scan today and the ONC Nurse, my new ONC, called to tell me about it. The nodule hasn't grown since August but it had a slight uptake. Guess they mean that it likes sugar water. Then he said that I have fluid around my heart, which when I did a search on it seems to be somewhat associated with cancer. I know a lot of you have nodules and they grow a little or shrink a little so I am thinking that this may be okay. It is only 1 cm total so not really that big. It's the fluid around the heart that is bothering me. I don't look at the stats but I know it can't be that good. I have to wait now for the thoracic surgeons PA to call and talk to me about the options. Another week or two and then the MRI is coming up. On top of all this my wife is in San Antonio in a class learning how to be a manager for a retail store, and I will be moving in the near future to whereever her new store is. So a lot on my plate and not enough time.


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Ralph, sorry for thenews but keep a good outlook, think positive. I know this can be very difficult right now but there is a plan in place. THe following is a link for Info on Fluid arounf the heart and types of treatments. It may have something to keep in mmind and help in future meeetings. Click to be redirected to Link:


Sending Prayers and positive thoughts for you and Your wife. Let us know what happens next if we can help any.

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