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My dad finally saw the oncologist....


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The nodule in the right upper lobe was adenocarcinoma with BAC features. The nodules in the right lower lobe were not cancer.

Right now we are in a "wait and see" mode. My dad will be re-scanned in November to see if there is growth on the ones on the left. If so, immediate action will be taken. If not, wait and see. Same with the 4mm brain thing. As you all know, BAC is very very slow growing and doesn't act the same as other NSCLCs.

The onc doesn't want to start Tarceva until there is more evidence it is needed and we can't know for sure if the ones on the left are cancer.

So that's about it :)

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I don't want to say 'good news' as there is nothing good about cancer. However, I think very slow-growing and non-cancerous nodules are some good words to hear. I know the wait and see game is not fun.

So how is dad doing with all this? And how bout you? Are you able to take a deep breath yet?


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Glad you're dad has a treatment plan even if the plan is "wait and see". Having followed BAC for a long time (my dad had BAC with Adeno too), this seems like a very good plan. You want to save the "big guns" for whenever they may be needed. As you probably know, there are some on the BAC list, who've never had treatment. I hope your dad is one of them.

gail p-m

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Thanks everyone. My dad is handling this very well. It is an act for me and my mom, but I think the oncologist visit was good for him as we love the doctor and he is calming :)

My mom and I are ok. I am very neurotic at the moment. In January I have a 6-month follow up abdominal ct scan for a large 4cm lipoma extrinstic to the colon that was incidentally found on a ct for kidney stones.

I did research and learned that liposarcomas, soft tissue cancers, often masquerade as lipomas, espcially in that area. And my GP made mention when I was just there for antidepressants that they may biopsy it depending what happens in January. It was a random comment he made as it was the first I was telling him about it since gastro dr is handling it, but I am FREAKING out as usual :)

We also are starting with a surrogate this month.

I am contemplating a vacation in November since we never even took a honeymoon due to cancer and fertility treatments and we are approaching 3 years of marriage in November and I think we have a month break from everything (assuming my mom is NED Oct 20, if not, we can maybe cancel)

So that's about it with me. Thanks for asking :) Sorry to whine so much, but when asked "how are you doing" on LCSC, I just let it go instead of saying "fine" like in real life ;)

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Glad yu can 'let it go' here, Andrea. I sure do hope you get to take that vacation. It seems that all that can be done right now has been, right? I tend to verge on the neurotic a bit myself, so I am TOTALLY in sync with what you are feeling.

I will certainly start TODAY with prayers for a good scan for Mom! Good luck with the surrogacy..........and BTW.............any cookbook updates?


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