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Is my dad a 1 year survivor


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There are many different opinions as to "when" someone is a survivor.

And none of them are wrong, you just pick what is best for you.

Some say it is the anniversary of when they found out they had cancer that they are a survivor,

Some say it is the anniversay of when they learned they were cancer-free that they became a survivor,

And others say, the minute after they learned they had cancer they became survivors.

There's a post in the LC Survivors forum that asks this very question. If you get the time, check it out, it's interesting and enlightening too.

I believe in the last theory. The minute you learned you had cancer and every day there-after, you are a survivor!

Keep posting!

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HI Donna,

I think everyday we live and prosper with our loved ones and manage to dodge all the possible things that could result in a prolonged absence of breath is surviving! :wink: Each day of life is a wonderful gift!

There is not doubt your Dad is a survivor!

continued success and many more years of surviving and happiness to you all,


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