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eBay and some recognition ideas


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Hello Everyone,

I came across an interesting thing while browsing eBay this morning and wanted to bring it to your attention. It might be a good way to get the word out to a fairly broad audience about LCSC and LUNGevity.

eBay offers a service through Mission Fish that allows sellers to list items and have a percentage of the purchase price designated to the charity of the sellers choice. I am not sure how many of LCSC's members are eBayers, but it could really generate some much needed publicity if nothing else. And perhaps if our members here at LCSC are not actively involved with eBay, they may know someone who is and pass this on.

Here is the information as it appears on the eBay site....

eBay Giving Works for Sellers

eBay Giving Works is the dedicated program for charity listings on eBay, enabling you to list items on eBay and donate part or all of the final sale price to your favorite nonprofit organizations. Unique search and listing features allow you to build your business while supporting causes important to you. Since 2000, more than $81 million has been raised for charity from listings sold on eBay worldwide.

Key benefits

eBay Giving Works listings tend to sell at higher final prices, because buyers are more willing to purchase and often pay more for items that benefit a nonprofit. You can enhance buyer trust and loyalty by aligning with a cause, and you will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donations.

Your charity listings:

Receive additional visibility through specialized search functionality reserved exclusively for eBay Giving Works listings.

Stand out with a distinctive charity icon in the title bar of the listing both in search results and on the view item page, and donation information is displayed in the item description.

If you donate at least 90% of the final sale price (and your item sells), your listing with qualify for the eBay Giving Works Fee Credit Policy.

Start selling for charity

Go to the Sell Your Item form on eBay. In the "Pictures & Details" section, click the "Add" link in the area titled "Donate percentage of sale."

Note: Your browser must be JavaScript enabled. Additionally, you cannot create eBay Giving Works listings in the Real Estate ad format or Mature Audiences category.

Select a certified organization from the nonprofit directory and designate your donation percentage (10%-100% of the final sale price).

If this is your first eBay Giving Works listing, you will be prompted to create a MissionFish account, provide your credit card information to guarantee payment of your donation, and consent to terms in the MissionFish User Agreement.*

If your item sells, a $5 minimum donation is required per transaction.

Note: When you sell an item with eBay Giving Works and donate at least 90% of the final sale price to a certified nonprofit, eBay will donate the Insertion and Final Value Fees you paid to the organization you selected within your listing.

Select PayPal or a credit card as one of the buyer payment options in the "Enter Payment & Shipping" section.

Note: This is not required for listings in the Motors or Real Estate categories.

Complete the remainder of the Sell Your Item form and submit your listing.

Note: Your chosen nonprofit will be notified of your listing. If for some reason it would prefer not to be benefit from your listing, the organization has the right to request the listing be canceled.

*eBay has selected MissionFish to power eBay Giving Works. MissionFish is a nonprofit with five years of experience helping organizations fundraise through ecommerce. Their valuable service and support includes: managing the nonprofit directory for eBay Giving Works; verifying that nonprofits are eligible for this program; collecting and disbursing sellers' donations; providing sellers with tax receipts; and tracking sellers' donations online.

Sending your donation

After your item sells, collect payment from the buyer as usual. MissionFish will send you an email notification that includes the exact donation amount due and payment instructions. If you do not fulfill your commitment by the second Monday after your listing ends, MissionFish will charge your credit card. MissionFish then forwards the gift (minus a small deduction to cover processing costs) to the designated nonprofit on the 20th of the second month after your listing has closed and issues you a tax receipt.

For more information about selling with eBay Giving Works, visit the FAQ for Sellers page.

I felt this had potential to be a worthwhile venture and would be a good tool to raise awareness about Lung Cancer as well as LUNGevity and/or LCSC.

My best to you all,


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