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Blood work...what does this mean


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This is me...Nonni again....I forgot to tell you guys...before I left the onc's office ..he said he would see me in a year but did want to run some blood work before I left...So this is what the paper said for the type of blood work I had drawn....

Would someone please explain what this is ...and for some one that is supposed to be "OK" ...is this normal...Ok here it is:

1. CBC/Differential/Platelet Count

2. CEA test

3. Complete Metabolic Panel..

Could someone please explain and why I am having this done...I just had blood work before the CT...hugs..PamS.

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He may just want to make sure everything is OK if he will not see you for a year. Just a quick check and have some numbers for next visit comparison. Just my personal thoughts. Prayers and Congrats on your checkup

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Hi Nonni, My onc does blood test every 6 months on me...I think she is looking at a bunch of parameters just to check that everything is withing normal range.

You know they are mostly experts on blood, so it makes sense they want to do blood workups. It is pretty non-invasive test that could indicate problems, so I figure why not.


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