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Lost my Mom

j's girl

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I'm a little late arriving at this site. While Mom was in the midst of her fight, I resolved to stay off the internet with regards to anything lung cancer related. The stats are just so grim that I really couldn't bear to look at them.

Now that I'm hear and reading survivors' stories, I wish I'd have found you earlier! And sent Mom here.

Mom got her official diagnosis in January of this year, but was told by her surgeon he was 95% sure it was cancer in November. It was March before she started receiving chemo and we saw a marked decline while we waited. But amazingly, Mom said she actually felt better after starting chemo. I think she was relieved that something was finally happening.

She did 3 cycles of chemo and 5 weeks of radiation. Her oncologist was amazed at how well she held up through this toxic treatment. She would always say that she didn't think she was doing as well as he thought she was. And I would always tell her that he had ways of measuring how she was doing, so she must be doing great.

Mom had surgery in mid-June against the advice of her surgeon. He would say that "statistically" she had just as good a chance with chemo as she would with surgery. Her oncologist said that the amount of chemo he could give her would never get rid of the cancer she had left. So she decided that if she was going to fight, surgery was the only way to do it.

Her surgeon set out to try to do a lobectomy and end up taking her whole right lung. After surgery she had a slight heart attack and got pnemonia in her left lung but recovered amazingly.

Her oncologist gave her the option of having more chemo to clear up what ever little bit of cancer may have been left and she decided to do it.

She did a chemo treatment on Tuesday August 29th, had a nap during the treatment and felt good enough to go shopping after. She had lunch with friends the next day. On Thursday she felt a little short of breath, but nothing that seemed very serious, so my Dad called the hospital. While he was talking to the doctor, Mom said she thought she needed an ambulance. Dad hung up and called 911 and when he went back to check on her, she was gone.

Dad did CPR until the ambulance came but doesn't think it did any good.

I think I've been holding up quite well until the last couple of days. I just miss her so much! We really thought she had it beat. She fought so hard and never ever considered herself to be dying of cancer. She took part in the Relay for Life as a Survivor and even though she's gone, she was a true survivor.

If you're in this battle, or love someone who is, never, ever give in to it!

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My heartfelt condolences and conitinued prayers for Your Family. I am sorry to hear of this, but if you need us to gethtrough the grieving, we are here to help or just listen and read. Many of us have been down the road you are travelling now and can be ther eto lean on if you need us.

Your Mom will always be with you in your heart. People can take many things but not the memories of our loved ones. The pain you are feeling will get duller over time, but it will never cease to exist in your heart. You just get used to the pain. If you ever need or want to talk to your mom, Jusrt look up and remember she is right above you, watching down on her Family and Keeping them safe.

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I am so sorry to read about your Mom, it must be devastating to you to lose her so quickly. I am sorry you didn't find the site sooner, but so happy you found us now. Although Moms fight is over, your fight to get past the grief and sorrow has just begun and I am sure we can help you through... Much Love, Sharon

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gosh, that's REALLY sad. especially with how fast she died, with your Dad right there trying to save her. I know you miss her - I lost my mom in january to colon cancer (after losing my husband to LC last June) and life is tough without a mom!

But, your mom was a fighter and sounds like she had alot of spirit and spunk, and that is something to be proud of.

Yeah, this website really kept my husband going. of course nothing kept him going like his precious little daughter, but this website gave him lots of extra encouragement. When I meet people with a loved one with LC I always tell them to come here. Lately, it seems like it's been nurses that I've come across dealing with my own post-cancer fight induced stress related illnesses. I hope they do come here.

God Bless,


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