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I am getting an abdominal ct scan today...10/18 update


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So my mind got the best of me and I called surgeons today to be proactive. There were only 4 colo-rectal surgeons at the hospital we use (not the closest, but the best in this area).

Somehow one was like come in now, he had a cancellation. I saw him before my scans, so I do not have the results of my scans. But regardless, based on last scan, there was a 4cm fat density mass that was not there the year before; and was not there 6 months prior on colonoscopy. 4cm is huge, so he is treating it like a cancer until proven to be a lipoma (not cancer) and they are scheduling me for a hemicolectomy in the next few weeks :(

I called my mom's oncologist office and they said this surgeon is excellent.

Suck a duck is all I can say :(

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Please don't let them do surgery until proven that it is cancer. We are not talking minor surgery here. I pray it is lipoma and that all will be well. What about another colonoscopy? Much less invasive and wouldn't that allow a biopsy?

I am worried that this surgeon is jumping the gun. Its much too soon to be scheduling surgery.

Prayers coming in giant bunches.


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I like Suck a Duck. Praying for Limpoma. THink positive with me I know you are of course. Sending prayers from under a Carolina Blue sky this Morning. and hugs for strength.

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