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Joels operation????/updated 10/13/06


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Well are you ready for this one??

It seems that Joel had two nodules next to each other. Both were cancerous and they are both different types of Cancer :shock: The Pathologist showed his surgeon under the microscope the difference.

His surgeon said he never saw that before. :roll:

They appear to be 2 different primaries and not the same as the first one he had 2 years ago. So this means he has like 3 different Cancers. This is not etched in stone as they have to do a final report on the type of Cancer these two are. His Onc. will have to compare it to his original one to see if they are different Cancers.

So this will take about 3 or 4 days to get the final pathologist report. As I have told you in the past the Cancer docs (Oncologist, Pulmonary, surgeons) have their group meeting on Weds. tomorrow to discuss cases but it they do not have Joel’s findings back by tomorrow, then the meeting will be the following Wed. Joel actually has his appointment with his Oncologist that Wed. (19th) in the afternoon.

So we don't know what course his Onoc. will take on this. If they are 2 different primary's they would be stage IA and they usually do not do chemo on that stage. But being two C's, we can't say until we talk to his Ono. He may want to do some Chemo or maybe some radiation around the area.

We really hope that neither of them are related to his first LC. If so they may have to remove the lobe. You know that scares me because of his SOB that he has now.

I really can't see them removing the lobe right now since this surgeon feels he got them completely out.

Even though he had the VATS his surgeon placed his hand inside to feel around the lung to make sure he did not feel anymore, which he said he didn't. So one of his little incisions is not little, that is the one under his arm. I imagine that is where he put his hand in. :shock:

Joel is of course real sore right now, but his spirits are great as that is how his demeanor always is. I did not tell him about the two, but his surgeon told him last night when I was there. He took the news well.

But of course this is scary, as where the he*l are they are coming from? Will they just keep cropping up??

So now it is wait and see what his Onoc. says. But I personally do not see any reason at this point to take the rest of the lobe out if his surgeon feels his got it all. I feel they should just keep monitoring it, and if by any chance this happens again, then they can always remove the rest of the lobe. Am I off base here?

So Iam on my way to the hospital, Hopefully, he will be home tomorrow or Thurs. He's a hurting little pup right now. :cry: Need my TLC....

Forgive me for not answering posts as besides Joel I have so much on my plate with work.

Take care all of my friends on here. And of course I will keep you posted.


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I think you are surely in need of many hugs right now, don't you? This is a head scratcher for sure. And boy, am I so sorry about the two different nodules. I hope that you get answers by tomorrow so you don't have to wait a whole other week. This is just unbelievable to me.

You guys have been the pillar of strength and composure during this whole journey. You deserve a GOOD report on this. That's my prayer. And don't be worrying about answering posts.......just update when you can. Joel is SO lucky to have your TLC right now! Accept all of our TLC for yourself!



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(((((Maryanne & Joel))))) I am so sorry to read this. You must just be dumbfounded....I know I am. Was it so tiny that they simply couldn't see it on CT or PET before, or...?

At any rate, I will keep you & Joel in my prayers. That you may find some peace of mind, that his doctors will devise a successful game plan to fight this, and that Joel will soon be back on the mend, and hanging with NED!

Yours in HOPE!!!


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One of my doctors once told me, “The last thing you want to be is an interesting case to a physician”. Unfortunately, it looks like Joel is going to be one for the medical books. I pray it is two new 1As and he recovers quickly.

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Another Wow! That is what I kept saying as I read your post and I saw so many others were wowed also. I certainly hope and pray that these are 1A tumors. Be sure to ask about chemo or radiation followup. Take care of yourself too Maryanne.


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Joel came home yesterday and is doing remarkably well. On Perks which helps tremendously. In fact he just went out with my brother to get a hair cut then we are going to breakfast.

He also plans on going to the Bas Mitvah tomrrow. My brother and his wife is in from Flordia and staying here for a little while. So at least there is company here beside little ole me. :D

He has an appointment next Thursday with his Onochologist and we will find out what is up with the 2 nodules they removed and if any treatment will be involved.

Will keep you posted. Thanks for all the prayers.

Maryanne :wink:

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