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Dad's Pain is Crazy Out of Control!

Guest migizicny

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Guest migizicny

I just returned from 15 days in IL with my dad being in the hospital. He has been in hospital for 3 weeks yesterday. Completed 5 days of rad to low back and hip, and is continuing to receive rad to head. He had morphine pump placed last week. Medications have been changed left and right. Any antianxiety meds wack him out. Dilaudid and fentynly wack him out. Sleep meds wack him out. He would hate to see himself in this confused state if he were aware.

MRI to be done today of spine to see what else might be going on. It was sooooo hard to come back home and leave him. My sibs are stepping up to the plate in IL, but I hate not seeing him and holding his hand.

Any suggestions out there for the unresolved back pain. He cannot even tolerate a tiny bit of an incline. He is noteating. He is taking Megace now for appetite. He was 174 in June and is 145 now. I feel like we are losing this battle too quickly.

For God's sake, he had his left lung removed on July 31 and now he has mets to the bone, liver, brain, and adrenal gland. Has anyone ever seen it like this. We haven't even had the opportunity to consider chemo!

I am so angry at the world today! Sorry for the ranting. :x

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I just logged on for a second and saw your post...I don't really have any suggestions but do think it's good that your dad is still in the hospital. Surely, the docs will get his pain under control and once that's done..hopefully, a plan for chemo will come into play.

I know how difficult it was to leave him but it's good to hear that your siblings are helping as well.

Hang in there and please know that your dad is in my prayers. You toooooooooo!

gentle hugs.


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I know how hard it is to step away only for a moment so having to leave like you have must be so so hard and painful.

I would like to say,no, I have never seen it happen so fast but lung cancer is so crazy and ugly, it seems like things can change very drastically from one day to the next for whatever reason. I agree that with that out of control type of pain the best place to be is the hospital, it can be very frightening to treat it at home.

Just know that we are praying for you and your family.



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I just wanted to say how sorry I am that your Dad is in so much pain. This is just such a crappy disease. :evil:

I hope you can find some comfort in the fact that you were here in IL with him for two weeks. Hopefully the pump will help control it a bit.

Keep us posted and know that there are many here praying and thinking about you.



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I hate seeing anyone I love in such agonizing pain, my dad was like that with his cancer, when he changed hospitals I told him to trust his new drs. and that they would eventually control his pain, they did.

The hardest part is that it can be a trial and error process. but when they find the right solution, I know your dads' pain will be under control....


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If I read right he has liver and brain mets.

I know hospice is a dirty word to a child who loves their parent. But we called them before mom had pain just because we knew if she did, they would specialize in making her comfortable. we also knew with brain mets, mom was going to die(clinged to a bit of hope as only God has the final word).

Is that something you'd want to do?

It is hard, but my mother was not concerned with buying extra days, but she was VERY interested in being comfortable.

We never needed hospice, mom went very quickly, but if there is pain...maybe they can help?

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