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One Milestone Passed

Tom K

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Well, I went in for my first 3 month scans and the doctor tells me NED again. Of course he mentions how unhealthy it is to carry around the extra 30lbs I have put on recently. This is the same guy who suggested I might need a feeding tube 6 months ago. But he is right; it would be awfully silly to beat cancer and then die prematurely from a heart attack. Now where did I put that treadmill??

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Hey Tom!!!!

What GREAT news, my friend! I know what you mean about extra pounds. I have an extra few myself and can't geet rid of them. But in the BIG picture.......hope this isn't a big deal, ya know? Congrats, Tom. Hope those NED reports keep coming.


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Congratulations Tom,

I know what you mean about the weight thing I have about forty extra pounds myself. It is great to see your good news. I pray that good reports continue for you, me and everyone.

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Hi Tom,

Congratulations on your good reports....those milestones are so important for our emotional well-being.

And about that extra 30 pounds, I'm working on it too. What with stress, quitting smoking, surgery, recovery, steriods with chemo, getting older, and on and on and on, how could we not gain some weight?

I've lost some and still have about 10 to go, but it's a daily battle. Treadmills help, but portion control is what it's all about with me. I will get this done though, because I also tell myself I didn't survive cancer twice only to let heart disease get me.

Good luck with all that and keep those stellar test results coming.


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