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He hurts!


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My Dad is just aching everywhere ... muscles are weak and ache when used, he eats and winces in pain after the food gets to his stomach, he's got gout in his feet ....... the man is just breaking down. I don't know anything about Gout other than it will flar up and is a form of arthritis. As if that isn't bad enough but he said the skin is breaking ... he is taking medication for it. All I keep thinking of (my usual "going one step further as damage control") is my Grandfather and that damned bedsore. He died of Gangarene poisioning, that was a horrible death.

The lung cancer itself is stable as far as we know, new tests were ordered this week due to the diarehia and stomach pain. It's like this little pilsberry dough boy of a man is stuck in two boxes ... neither are comfortable and without pain. His body is just simply breaking down and constently aching in one box .... and then there is lung cancer in the other.

I'm afraid of the winter coming, it only took 8 days for that cold to go from flu to deadly phnemonia WHILE on antibiotic to prevent a phnemonia..... Geez, it wasn't cancer related either, it was just regular ol' phnemonia!

I'll be surprised ..... I'll be very surprised!!! Mind you he's dodged death twice now with the heart attack and phnemonia .... maybe the gods are insuring he can't get away this time! Kind of a warped funny thought I know ........ we all have to find the funnies somewhere.


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