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We're going to Disney


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Hi All,

Well, saturday morning we'll be up bright and early for a 6:30am flight to Disney. The plan is to spend a week with the kids, Mickey, Cinderella and Goofey, no cancer allowed.

I think Charlie and I are as excited as the kids, maybe more. Have you seen the ad with the kids that won't sleep the night before their Disney trip and then they show the parents in bed all excited saying "we're going to Disney", that's us.

I'll be keeping you all in prayers while I'm gone. See you in a week.


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Oh how awesome!!

Have a great time - ride all the rides, see all the sights and eat all the great food at Epcot's Food & Wine Expo! Some of my friends were there earlier this week and said the food was awesome!

Finally the weather is getting nicer here - it's not so awfully hot during the afternoon now - high in the mid to low 80's, so you won't be suffering with the 90+ temps and high, high humidity!!

Enjoy the city that The Mouse built - make wonderful memories and enjoy the beauty and joy of your children. I am a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine and there's no better place to heal than in the Magic Kingdom!!

Pam in FL

:::doing the happy dance for Tracy & family:::


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