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Coughing up blood?


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Well I'm back.. I hope no one has forgotten about me.. I had a slight slump of depression after seeing all the passings of people on here that i prayed so hard for. I started to feel hopeless and sad.. I think im bouncing back but some moments im not so sure. Anyways my dad stated taking vitamins A and C because stupid me sent him a link about herbal remedies .. So anythow he was talking these vitamins and started coughing up blood in his mucus. He quit taking them and insists that it was from that but didnt confer with a doctor and that is also because his doctor is hopeless anyways. So I was wondering what that means? Could it be the medicine or a decongestant or is the cancer spreading. God Bless you all


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Vitamin C I dont believe can be toxic because only some of it can be stored by the body. Actually I just read Vitamin C can sometimes be toxic. Cause kidney stones, anemia in rare cases when way too much is taken. I think it would probably have to be a couple grams.

However, Vitamin A can be toxic if too much is taken


I don't think they would be related to the coughing up of blood, tough I'm not a Dr. I would get it (coughing up the blood) checked out by a doctor as soon as possible

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