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Question about coughing


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Hello Everyone,

Last week my sister had a new x-ray taken which showed some clearing in the lungs. (Yahoo!!! We'll take any bit of good news we can get!) While I was recently visiting, her cough was virtually non-existent. This week, however, she says that the cough is back again. It seems confusing to me. You'd think if x-rays are showing improvement, wouldn't the cough continue to improve as well? Could something else be contributing to the cough? Would really appreciate any help anyone can offer on the coughing situation. As always, I thank you for your valuable assistance. Sis

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I found that during the course of my treatments, whether there was improvement or progression, my cough changes constantly. At first I had a dry cough that just wouldn't stop, and then it went away entirely for a few weeks. Then the cough came back, but it was a more congested cough, and infrequent. Now I have a cough that seems to be more of a tickle in my throat. My scans show improvement yet I still have a cough.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I cannot tell what the cancer is doing judging by my cough. Even my doctor can't explain it to me. My doctor tells me to listen to my body, it will tell me what the cancer's doing, and so far it has been correct. When the cancer progressed, I knew it, when it started to shrink, I knew it. Don't worry so much about the cough. Trust the scans and how your sister feels.


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Finally! After almost 4 years since treatment began, my cough is down to the tamest it has been. It rages and wanes constantly. It has a multiple personality disorder. Never know what is going to show up.

If the coughing gets out of hand and keeps her up at night, if she starts to run a fever, if she has trouble breathing while lying down, if her sputum changes to disagreeable colors; these are reasons to call the doc. If she has had radiation within the last 6 months or so, she may have radiation pneumonitis which can spring up overnight and not show on yesterday's scans. It is a condition that can be deadly if left untreated, however, with proper medication, can be arrested.

Good luck.

Cindi o'h

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If there is a change in the cough, go to the doctor.

I am not wanting to worry you or anything. But my mothers cough we thought was acid reflux or the decadron but it was pneumonia.

If you JUST had an x-ray, then you would know, but if it has been a while...maybe it's worth it to have them at least listen with the stethoscope.

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