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Having a bad day


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This Depression is driving me crazy. Ive had support since i found out about my tumor and my ex husband came to say with me to take care of me after surgery. Well he had to leave and go back home to Mass to his job. So im here at home all day by myself. I do have a son chris he is 16 and in school all day then off with his friend so its really lonely. I dont know if I really need to have someone here or its just being scared about everything. I went to the dr for depression pills just how long does it take for them to start working. How do you control all these feelings I keep think that its going to come back. Im so scared that i cant go back to work im afraid that i wont be able to do it all day.and if i cant do it i have no one to count on but me to pay the bills. I cry and sometimes dont even know why.can anyone tell me how to deal with all of this. any thing would be helpful.

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Honestly I pray for the best and expect the worst. I applied for ssdi way to late I'd advise you to do it, in case you can't go back to work .Sometimes antidepressants take awhile to work , I don't think it is out of the question to ask your doctor for some sedatives too, and thats coming from a former addict. Check out www.webmd.com and type in your drug name in the search box,, it will tell you all about it.

Take care my friend, I saw a beautiful monarch butterfly in my yard last week thought about catching it for my boys to see, then I remembered that butterflys are supposed to be free.

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I have never been in your shoes so I do not know how to answer you except to say take one day at a time. Find something of interest to you. Can you take walks. I think that is what has saved my Buddy, his getting out of the house and walking. It has been tough but he will say, you have to get up and out or it will drive one nuts...Don't think about tomorrow or how you will get through it. It will be here soon enough and that will then be today. Can you go back to work? If so, try a few hours a day. Sometimes just the thought of going back is the fear in itself. Once you put your foot in the door, you may be much better...you really know what you can and cannot do. If you feel you cannot return call 1-800-772-1213 and file a disability claim at Social Security. Be aware that when awarded, disability payments are not covered the first 5 full months of when your disability began and also disability only goes back 12 months for payment...so if you have had this and not worked for more then 17months, you had better get a claim going. I did not look at yoursignature to see what has occurred with you before i started typing this.

How about neightbors. Are they friendly. Can you visit with them sometimes to keep yourself going...what about co-workers, church members, etc. Call a friend everyday and chat for a few minutes with them. If you were my friend, I would love to chat with you each day. that is what friends are for.

Hang in there my friend, you will be better tomorrow......the sun will shine and you will get your strength back....God bless....

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Hi Debbie, (love your web site)

I’ve found taking one day at a time works best for me. I do not worry about what happened in the (cannot change it) passed. I do not worry about the (not here yet) future. I walk an hour a day whenever I can where there is a lot of green. I find that comforting and occasionally I do see butterflies. I spend time with family and friends also. The days I cannot do anything I rest, rather then push and get frustrated. Did you try a support group? I go to The Wellness (www.thewellnesscomunity.org) Community. They have them in your state. Hope this helps you. Take care and God Bless.


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I have similar worries, believe me. Even with a husband who is working, but with 4 kids at home and no extra income..............

Seems like my charges are growing by the day, and we keep getting farther in the hole. Should I take a job, could I DO it?? How and WHEN with all I have around here right now??? Just about when I am at panic mode, I try to repeat to myself the lesson I have learned through all of this. It (my future, my health, my family, my finances) you name it - is not in my control, it's in the good Lords'. ALWAYS I get some kind of answer - today after my finance panic, i got a lead on a job. It may not pan out, but I always feel a lot better and more confident. We're all there with you!! Call on us anytime!!


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Typically anti-depressant medications take about 2 weeks to start kicking in. Go back to your doctor and talk to him/her about other types of treatments in the interm (there are some faster acting things they can do for you). Currenty clincial research shows that depression (especially in women) causes an increase in a hormone called "cortisol" which seriously affects your immune system. Try to find an outside support group (like this forum), family members are great but sometimes it makes you feel guilty to constantly dump on them. Heck, dump on us, we will listen and encourage you!! Most importantly, you should not have to suffer from depression, please seek additional support immediately....

Good Luck! If you want any articles on depression and immunity or physiological psychology studies on the effects of a fighting spirit, please e-mail me.


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