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Benny Parsons Joins The NED Club!!!!!!!!!


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Everyone in NASCAR received some very good news recently. It was announced that Benny Parsons, the 1973 Winston Cup champion and current broadcaster for NBC/TNT, is winning his battle against lung cancer.

Doctors did chest scans that revealed there were no signs of a tumor. The chemotherapy and radiation Parsons has endured for several weeks – the treatments that have prevented him from occupying his familiar place in the broadcast booth for a few races – have eradicated the malignant mass discovered months ago.

When it was revealed that Parsons had cancer, I wrote that given the resiliency he had displayed so often throughout his career, he would beat the disease.

In fact, Parsons has overcome obstacles for almost his entire life.

But the story of how he won his championship is perhaps the most vivid example of how he beat the odds. It is an oft-told story that has become a part of NASCAR lore.

In 1973, Parsons was racing for L.G. DeWitt, a small-time team owner whose cars were unsponsored. Parsons certainly didn’t scorch the competition, but his consistency put him in the points lead as the season moved to the last race of the year at Rockingham.

Early in the race, Parsons was involved in an accident that virtually destroyed his car. Hopes for a title were dashed – or so everyone thought.

Parsons’ crew went to work on the car. Members of other teams – who liked the driver nicknamed “Mr. Nice Guy” - pitched in. After intense work, Parsons returned to the race in a car more suited for a junkyard than a race track.

Parsons rumbled his way to the checkered flag and his finish was good enough to assure him of the championship.

In life, winning a race or even a championship pales next to beating a deadly disease.

Parsons hasn’t yet been pronounced cancer-free. Followup scans will determine that.

But now, the news is good. And given the determination Parsons has displayed so often in the past, it comes as no real surprise.

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