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Tired from radiation?

betty boop

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I finished radiation a little over three years ago. I still don't have the energy I had prior to surgery and radiation - I take naps on the weekend just to make it through the laundry and housework!

The throat irritation started to slowly ease at two weeks for me, but the fatigue drags on, and on, and on... If at all possible, take naps when you feel you need them.

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Hi Betty, Congratulations you made it through all your treatments. :D:D:D

Good job, not everyone finishes all their treatments. (It doesn't help that they keep you under the broiler for extra long the last few treatments.) :D

I took afternoon naps almost everyday for about two years after radiation. Then gradually I stopped needing them.

So indulge yourself with afternoon naps and lots of good food now. Your body needs the rest to heal properly.


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I had radiation for breast cancer, and I know it's different, but during the radiation, I literally could not keep my eyes open at my desk on several occasions and had to go home. I started feeling much, much better as soon as it was over and the fatigue was mostly gone in a few weeks.

My sister just finished radiation for breast cancer as well and had pretty much the same experience as me.

Sometimes I think it's just the totality of the situation, the diagnosis, treatments, stress, etc that add up to the fatigue we feel.

I hope you start feeling better soon.


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In just a little over 2 years, I have had 4 rounds of carboplatin/gemzar, 33 treatments of radiation and then 4 rounds of alimta. I finished my treatment 6 weeks ago. I still get tired, but not nearly as much as when in treatment. I take 2 hour naps several days per week. I expect that I will gradually get all my energy back.

Don M

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I found the radiation treatment did make me tired. But afterwards - like another month or so, I got tired all over again. The radiation causes pneumonitis (which can be seen on a CT). It makes you really tired for another few weeks - then it goes away.


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