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Getting to Know You - October 16


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Ann, I have missed these!!!!

Made my son into a poker table one year. Carton, with arms and head cut out. Covered with a paper green tablecloth. Glued on poker hands, an ashtray with butts in it (this was 35 years ago, and was pc back then), poker chips and plastic glasses painted inside to look like beer.

Fortunately, the kid has grown up to be a fine law abiding citizen after such a bad example from his Mother.

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Year after year I was a ghost. No imagination at all. I did a little better with the boys. At different times, each was a box of Special K. (Our last name begins with K) Each of them won the school prize for his grade. Got a lot of mileage out of that costume.


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I love halloween..

Some of my most memorable for my kids.. an outhouse. Big box cut the front out so you could open it like a door. My daughter was inside with fake legs coming out. that was fun but we couldn't get the dang thing in the car. My son (and daughter) wore a headless waiter costume. We built the thing up above their head andthen where their real head was cut out and I put a platter under it.. looked like a headles guy was holding their head on a platter.. it was cool but what a pain trying to build the top half of a "guy" out of something they could carry on their shoulders.. one of my favorites was my youngest.. He as about 7.. I took a square piece of card board and cut a hole for his head to pop out then made a plate out of tin foil and put that around his head.. then set the table with paper plates and plastic ware glue on. I put gummy worms and bugs on the plastic plate. Painted his face white and put fake blood all over the table. It was great until my son wore it to about 4-5 houses and then vomited all over it because the site of the fake blood and the smell made him sick... lolllll

as a child my favorite costume was a little blue bird. I remember my mom putting it on me when I was real young. It had one of those fake masks with it.. I remember her telling me to peek in the window at my dad. He loved it and always talked about it and called me his little blue bird.. even after I grew up. funny how you remember stuff like that. I sure do miss him.. halloween was such fun at my house growing up..

thanks for helping me remember that..

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I hate to dress up... just never enjoyed it. My all time favorite costume was one I bought for Tyler when he was little. I bought him a satin t-rex costume, that was green with purple scales down the back- it came around his head so all that stuck out was his face. He was adorable.

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