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Suki's test tomorrow


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thanks everyone. no word yet from the doctor, but Suki seems to have a very strong sense that this is all a big load of nothing. she feels a lot better after a round of antibiotics, which suggests that the bug she had was just that. she's also having a bit more of "the rash" than usual, so it wouldn't be a surprise if the Tarceva were acting up a bit in other ways. overall, she feels good and isn't waiting for the results of the sonogram NEARLY as nervously as I am. :roll:

as for the wedding plans, since you asked, they are going great. it's shaping up perfectly, in ways I didn't even realize I wanted it to. we're on a budget, whcih means there will be lots of personal touches which I LOVE - friend making cookies, friend and mom making cupcakes in lieu of wedding cake, another friend making boutainnieres [!?] for the guys, etc. we are doing the flowers (simple centerpieces and bouquets) ourselves, as well as all the papergoods. I was nervous about that, but the reaction to the invites has been so positive! and I am really psyched to order 300-400 roses from Costco! :lol:

my dress is in, am going with my brother for a fitting next week (he's my "man of honor" and my own, personal Fab Five :wink: ). mom has picked out a beautiful dress for herself, which I can not wait to see her in. Dave has decided to wear a tux, so now all the other guys (our brothers, my father and probably Dave's) are, too. Dave's brother from Chicago will be here, as well as the brother that lives here, and his sisters, parents and aunt and uncle are all coming from Ireland!

my biggest *problem* is that MORE people are coming than I ever imagined, but we're making room for 'em all. GREAT problem to have.

the miracle of Suki's HEALTHY presence in all of this is not lost on anyone (some would also say it's a miracle I am settling down :shock: but that's a whole other thing).

truth be told, I am really looking forward to settling in to married life after all this hecticness has ended.

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I LOVED the update on the wedding too.... My favorite part of our 'very simple wedding' was all the personal touches. There is nothing that will make you feel quite so loved as having different people offer up their gifts and talents to make your day be beautiful... It makes it that much MORE beautiful...

Anxious to hear Suki's results, but so relieved to hear she has a hunch it's 'no biggie.'

Miss you, lady! Shoot me a PM sometime for just because stuff. ;)


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