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A ray of hope....


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Today, my husband finally got some good news! His MRI shows that it seems that the IMRT treatments on his brain have had good effects! Some of his tumors have shrunk. Not NED mind you, but any improvement we'll take!

Also, it appears that my husband may go back on taking the oral etoposide, which seems in combo with the radiation seem to be doing something! So we're just waiting for my husbands' onc. to call us with his plans. His radiologist wants to continue w/ the low dosage of IMRT, along with low RAD on the lung and liver, and get another PET of the chest and abdomen. He also said that if one or two brain tumors persist, he wants him to go to Boston for GammaKnife.

So, today there is some hope! I think my mom was the good luck charm! she took my husband for treatment today and I met up w/ them at the hospital. So like I said before, living moment to moment, and this was a good moment today!

PS - also my husband is going to finally cut way down on the steroids!!! Thank God! ......

but for all my whining and crying........thank you all for being there......maybe not only will this help my husband but also maybe others can take some hope in this too.


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