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No rush for chemo??

beat it

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Any thoughts on an Onc not rushing to chemo at stage 4? I thought that was their main deal. Chemo and treatment asap.

It may be as long as 3 weeks, if radiation is a possiblility. The Onc never time tabled the cancer. (Not that I approve of that anyway) but wonder if others have had similar experiences?

Beat it!!

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My mom was dx'd w/ Stage IV NSCLC, and she didn't do chemo for almost a year! She did use Tarceva for most of the first year, and had radiation to her skull right away.

As with all things, ask ANY questions you have. If any Dr has a problem with you asking for clarification, it's their problem, as I see it. Our drs have always been happy to explain the 'whys' of Mom's treatment.

Hope you guys have aplan that makes sense, soon.

:) Kelly

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Beat it,

I don't think 3 weeks is a very long time. I was diagnosed 12/28/2005. I did not start my chemo until Feb 6, 2006. I took the time to gather information, get more testing done, get a second opinion, and take a look at all options. I was told by my oncologist this past Monday, that he thinks I am in remission right now. So apparently waiting didn't have an adverse effect on my outcome. I was also diagnosed as Stage IV NSCLC. Hang in there and stay strong!


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