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We had our appointment with Mom's doctor today after her last chemo treatment. He said she is doing good, but when they did her blood count her white cell count was through the roof! Over 25,000. I don't know what that means. The doctor asked her if she had been taking any steroids, but she hasn't. He also asked if she had a fever, but she doesn't. She had a CT Scan on Thursday, and the results show a shrinkage in the tumor on her right lobe of her lung and also shrinkage in her two lymph nodes, but there is a larger spot, which the radiologist says was not on the pet scan but showed up after she had the biopsy on the lymph nodes. He thinks it may be a cyst but it also could be from an infection. The oncologist has set up an appointment to see if Mom is a candidate for surgery. She is 78. We are trying to get her into the surgeons office as soon as possible to see if this spot is a cyst or if it is an infection. They have stopped her radiation (she had 12 more to go) until after we meet with the surgeon. Has anyone experienced this in their treatments? She also had a blood culture done today to see if the blood is infected. I was so happy about the shrinkage, now I have this to worry about.

I thought this was going to get better not worse.

Thanks for listening. God bless everyone who is dealing with this disease.


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I know the frustration of uncertainty. Just take it one day at a time and try not to think the worst. You don't know what the elevated white blood count means until your Mom has tests. Look at all the good progress you made and focus on that. I am saying prayers for you and your entire family.


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It sounds like good progress, thank God for that.

Unfortunately as time goes on we're all suseptable to infections and the like... even when we are perfectly healthy.

The doctors will deal with it. It is out of your hands. They have been made aware.

But again, focus positively on the progress which has been made.

All the best!

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