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Always a ray of hope...


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My husband Joel was diagnoised 2 years ago in December. They found his tumor during a physical he had made when he hurt his back and went to the doctor for help.

He felt fine and did not have any signs, but made a physical as it was past due and wanted a chest Xray as he was a smoker. That is when they found this big mass. Had all the tests, CT, MRI, Bone scans etc. They were able to operate and he was lucky as they only took one lobe and not the whole lung as expected. His lymph nodes were clear. He had Carbo-taxol 4 times 3 weeks apart. And was C free until recently.

They found a nodule on his good lung which they watched. When it grew they did a Pet scan and it showed an uptake, so they opted to take it out and biospy it. They did a wedge section and found that he had two nodules that were almost touching each other. Each was a different Cancer which they never saw before. His surgeon got it all out and now we have to wait to see what kind of Cancers they are.

We will find that out tomorrow and hopefully they are 2 new primarys and not the old Cancer which meant it would have spread.

So now it it wait and see.

Has anyone had this happen. It is possible that he may have had 3 different types?

By the way, the nodules were very tiny not even a centimeter so they could not biospy it. His Onochologist just opted to take it out now as it did show an uptake on the Pet.

Anyway, he is doing remarkably well with the surgery and we have everything crossed for the results tomorrow and to see what the next step is.

Will keep you posted. But whatever the outcome we are ready to fight this battle, if any. We will never give up!

Please know that if there is just a little ray of sunshine behind that dark cloud find it and with your faith and positive thoughts you can make it shine through!

Anything is possible, you just have to believe and trust in your Doctors that they know what is best. If they give you negative results, always always go for another opinion. That has saved so many peoples lives on here who heard these ridiculous stastiticts and there is no hope. There is always hope you just have to find it.

Like our Rich says on here.... NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!! He is a survivor and so is Joel and so are you!!

Maryanne :wink:

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Maryanne, girlfriend,

Your post just brought me to tears. Honey. You and Joel both just reinspired me. I needed that. I have been feeling all boohoo lately about other stuff.... not cancer stuff but I suppose consequences of the change. Anyway. I needed to hear some real-life hope. You inspired me today. Thanks for the ignite. You two rock.

Cindi o'h

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Sending very best wishes for a good outcome.

My husband Barry was given a virtual death sentence in May 2004. Although he has never been given a clean cancer free bill of health he has never really been ill either. Scans have shown both some growth and lately shrinkage but throughout all of this our lives have been normal (apart from worry). I now kind of treat it like a chronic disease.

Yes I am scared but when I can put it to the back of my mind life is good.


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