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Sick of pink and feeling ashamed


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Everywhere you look there is something with pink on it. Shoes, yogurt, mints, cans of soup, commericals on TV buy this sandwich and help fight breast cancer.

I can't even escape it at work. I've received emails from my human resource office through out the month, we're holding a silent auction, for a pink teddy bear, pink necklace/earring set, a 50/50 drawing. They are trying to raise at least $5,000.00. For the last two years I have participated in a lung cancer walk. The first year the company gave me $50.00 and $85.00 for the second year. I have worked at this company for 9 years. I do work in a small branch office and not corporate, but boy this still feels crappy. And on top of it I feel guilty for feeling this way. My own husband doesn't seem to understand. I tried to talk with him about it and he says don't fuss at me about it.

I guess I just needed to vent and knew this was the place I could.



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Dee, as I posted somewhere else, the world didn't become pink for no reason. Breast cancer survivors and their families and friends got active and noisey. So must we. We have to make sure that everyone on this board supports walks and fund raisers to the best of their health and financial ability.

We need to talk to everyone about lc. I am obnoxious but a lot more people are now aware of lc and how underfunded it is. How it affects people that 'did not smoke'. How amazed people are by this fact.

So let's get noisey.

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Did you read the other post that Welthy put on regarding pink-- if not check it out. Maybe it just takes you writing the corporate office with a personalized letter and educating them. Many people do not realize that it is lung cancer that kills more women than breast cancer. You should consider forming a company team for your next walk and passing a pledge form.

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A pledge form was sent out, the 1st year I recieved $125.00, the second year I received $25.00 plus what the company donated. No one signed up to do the walk.

I wish I was a better writer. I consider doing a piece on living with lung cancer and submitting it to my human resource to be put in our newsletter.

Ry, I'll check out the post that Welthy wrote.



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I'd be more than willing to help you write an article for your company's newsletter. We could do it via the phone. PM me if you are interested. Company newsletters!! What a great idea!

By the way -- please check under Activism Issues on the BB for the posting that Ry mentioned.

Best to you and don't be too blue over pink.


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