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On this forum we can post are recipes and tips on cooking that we think will benefit all of us. Each recipe or tip will be a new post. Then people can comment on the recipe, give suggestions on how to improve it or post their own recipe for the same thing.

A post can be made about a certain ingredient or herb and people can add to each one.

I plan to come up with a system for each to store the info on their computer in an orderly fashion.

All suggestions on how to improve this are welcome. Just name the post improvement

This should be a lot of fun for all, plus being healthy.

Posts in these forums should not sound like advertisements or medical advice or they will have to be removed. Anything provided needs to be informative in nature and not biased or based on medical advice. Purported uses of herbs or spices etc. should not be part of the posting. For this information you can surf the web.


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