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Healthy Deviled Eggs


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I will start with an easy one that will put a little garlic and Turmeric in your life.

Healthy Deviled Eggs,

Split hard boiled eggs lengthwise

Remove and discard yolks

Fill with your favorite Hommus

You can sprinkle a little Paprika for color

You can buy plain Hommus or make your own.

You can add whatever you like to the Hommus. I add crushed garlic and some Turmeric that will make them yellow.

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There is an organic flax seed, pumpkin seed and raisin bran cereal that is sooooo good.

One thing I do:

***I use the actual seeds (before grinding) and top off whatever side dish I may be cooking including salads.

***I also have a friend that makes fresh pickled turmeric every week. It's great, a little spicy.

God Bless!!


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Hi Ernie

I wonder if you can email with my husband Bill Spencer...I can't find My Story Forum Ernie's Story...Bill would find your story like his! He was also a private pilot years ago for the fun of it...he is 69 now. I think he can pull through just because he is on a lot of Vitamins/minerals etc from Dr Joe Espinosa of Health Solutions in Peoria Illinois...he literally turned things around for Bill...I sure thought we were going to lose him this summer.. I see you are on vitamins and supplements also...you would really benefit him with your encouraging story... Sue

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