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I've been on it for 7 months... at first it made me tired, starting around day four. Seemed to last for several days before I started getting some energy back. I still get tired after infusions, but, with me being on this clinical trial, it could be the trial chemo I am on. I don't know how often he is taking Alimta, I take it once every 3 weeks, so I hope this helps. Steroids are generally pretty rough on most people. The reason I am prescribed "Dex", another type of steroid, is for control of possible rashes presented by Alimta. I take it the day before, the day of, and the day after infusions. I don't fare too well on them myself.


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It is strange that no two people even with the same disease are alike. Barry is on alimta and avastin.

About three days after treatment he feels tired and a little unwell but bounces back after a week. He finds this treatment much kinder than the gemzar he was once treated wtih.


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"Ry"]Alimta seems to be much harsher than a lot of the other chemos. From reading here it just seems that many members have severe fatigue with Alimta. John had quite a hard time with it.


Agree ... Alimta is much more toxic than initially promoted. IMO if anyone receiving Alimta were to develop severe and persistent fatigue with SOB I'd urge you to get a CXR ASAP in order to R/O fibrosing alveolitis.


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This site is a amazing!!!

My mom was just switched yesterday to Alimta every 3 weeks and will have Decadron day before, that day and day after.

I was going to post several questions asking the very questions that I just got all of my answers to!!!

Praise God for this site!!

Kelly :D

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I finished 4 rounds of alimta at the end of August. I found it to be harder than the 4 rounds of carboplatin/gemzar I did a year earlier. For the first 2 infusions, I was really fatigued and did not recover until about the time of the next infusion. For the last 2 infusions, I seemed to recover sooner. I had sob most of the time too, but I had recovered from that by the start of the following infusion. I never had the kind of sob where you can’t get enough breath no longer how hard you try because the alveoli are shutting down. Mine was probably from low red blood cell count.

Looking back on it, though it was not as bad as I was afraid it might be and I am glad I did it.

The way I dealt with my fatigue was to go for a morning walk, no matter what, and then nap in the afternoon. I was also retired, so work was not a problem.

Don M

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Regarding Alimta,

Mike ended up with pneumonitis after being on Alimta. His sob got progressively worse. He was put on high doses of steroids and had to be put on oxygen from there on out. Every person reacts differently to chemo , but I would like to stress that it appears after reading many posts about Alimta , on this site, a word of caution should be expressed. If you start to feel short of breath, have it checked out. Wish someone had told us that.


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