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SOB- Time for Chemo


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Mom was feeling pretty good during her "week off" of Chemo. Then yesterday she started with the severe shortness of breath. This morning we saw the Onc and she started Round Two. Onc said it is typical to feel "crappy" a few days before Chemo....because it was time for Chemo. I guess the week off allows the body to rest/recover and the cancer too? Her SOB seems to be how her cancer is expressing itself because all her "labs" were normal. After reading previous posts, I requested an Albuterol inhaler, which does take the edge off (I love this site). We are hopeful that in the next 2 days, the SOB will subside as this next round kicks in. But the SOB is sure an SOB--she feels soooo bad/anxious/scared when she can't breath...I can't even imagine.

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Hi Candy.

SOB is nothing to sneeze at. There are so many things that can be causing it. Could be short of red blood cells which can be easily replenished. Could be her heart or could even be chemo induced pneumonitis. Is she seeing a good pulmonologist? Be sure she uses a space with the albuterol inhaler otherwise it is virtually ineffective. Opti-chamber is the one that I use although there are others that will disperse the medicine appropriately. The vacuum cleaner hose-like attachments they give at the pharmacy are ineffective as well. Get a good chamber, okay?

So many things can be causing the SOB, none of them are innocent.

Cindi o'h

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I am keeping you and your mom in my prayers. Hopefully the SOB will resolve as the chemo progresses and her tumor/s start to shrink. Maybe it is anxiety induced? She should be getting scanned before her third round, so I am hoping that will bring you good news and lessen the anxiety. Hang in there and stay strong!


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