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Joels doctor visit results


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Well, news was not good. It was good as far as they got all the C out and he has a clear margin and he does not have to have the rest of the lobe taken out.

But they still seem a bit baffled about the type of Cancer one of the nodule is. They know one is Squamish, which we suspected, but not sure about the other one. So they opted to say it is the old Cancer that has mastasized (sp?).

So they now have him at stage IIIA or B or something like that. They actually had him at IIB before and not 1B like I thought as he had no C in his lymph nodes. It just that his tumor was so big so they staged him at IIB instead of IB.... whatever...

They are going to give him chemo but not the 2 he had before carbo/taxol but taxotere. He will have 4 sessions 3 weeks apart( I knew this would go into Xmas season) but only for 1 hour. He is to have an injection of Lunasta the day after treatment and they want him on Decadron the day before and after his treatment.

So thats it....

If anyone can give me feedback on Taxotere side effects I would appreicate it.

I certainly remember Snowflake on Decadron... :shock: even though his is just for a couple of days before and after treatment. But thats it.

He will start the chemo the Tuesday after the walk which will be the Nov. 7th.

His doc is great, but he made a comment I felt was NOT necessary... which was with his type of C it could come back again and again. I said that is not necessarly true. It is possible that it will not. which he mentioned something about being positive and that is good. :roll:

This too shall pass...

Maryanne :wink:

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Hi Maryanne,

Oncodoc said that there is a pathologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester who is world renowned in sorting out lung cancers and getting down to exactly what is going on in there. Please insist that they send the slides out.

My friend in Mt. had a sister who was dealing with some kind of lung cancer. It had been over a month and still no answers. I kept telling my friend about Mayo doc. She said, "no, the docs here are taking care of her." After 3 months of not knowing, they finally sent her slides to Mayo and voila! had their answer.

They usually give steroids with all chemos. Just 3 days of them may not be so bad for him. Just wait and see.

Taxotere wasn't as rugged for me as the taxol/carbo. I did lose the rest of my hair with it and a couple of toenails. I became short of breath with it and weak. I never did stop eating. Muscle aches and pains, loss of energy and general malaise.

It's an effective chemo for alot of people, Maryanne. Hope it knocks Joel's out for good.

Cindi o'h

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I certainly remember Snowflake on Decadron... even though his is just for a couple of days before and after treatment. But thats it.


Well, I've heard the memory is the first to go... I never took Decadron and never had traditional chemo. LOL - I believe you are thinking of my pals, Addie and Fay A.

ANY cancer can come back again and again, that's why the folks who are NED still have monsters under the bed. Still an insensitive thing to say, especially for a doctor!

Here's hoping it's all over and done and the poison gets rid of the darn cancer cockroaches!



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Sorry Becky, I got that mixed up. I know that you have kicked butt on this thing a long time ago.

I just can't remember who it was. I don't think it was Fay so maybe it was Addie.

You rule Beck!

Maryanne :wink:

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my prayers to you and Joel. I am sorry to hear of his

newest battle. Now if you want some real intersting

stories about decadron pull up a chair. It put Alan

in the psych ward. Here is a small sampling. Alan

was convinced he was frozen inside (this is how the

Dr was curing him) and would only eat if I defrosted

him. Took many trips to the microwave heating up a

heating pad to lay on his chest to "thaw" him out

enough to get him to eat. :shock::? We both laugh

about all of it now, but it was scary at the time.

Prayers for you both that treatment works and kicks

the crap out of the monster.

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Hi Maryanne ~

Sorry to hear about all this but it's good that there's a plan to treat Joel. I will be keeping both of you in my prayers.

I am on Taxotere right now and I just had my 4th infusion last Thursday. I take 2 Decadron 4mg tablets the night before, the night of and the morning and night after chemo. I don't think the steroids make me any wackier than usual. :lol:

The Taxotere infusion takes an hour but there are also premeds that need to be infused before the Taxotere. I usually spend at least 2 hours in the chemo room every three weeks.

The major side effect I am dealing with is the fatigue, which knocks me on my butt for at least a week after the chemo. It wasn't too bad after the first infusion, but has gotten progressively worse with subsequent infusions. I haven't lost any nails yet, but I can see some black spots under my big toe nails and my nails are very tender and sensitive. My hair is still growing but it is thinning out too, which is really strange.

My blood counts have not been affected by the Taxotere as much as they were with the Carbo/Taxol - I've had a couple of Aransept injections for my red counts but have not needed any Neulasta for my white counts.

I am part of this study with the Taxotere treatment:

http://www.cancer.gov/search/ViewClinic ... id=2489711

I believe the key to dealing with the Taxotere treatment is plenty of naps, maximum hydration and making sure that constipation doesn't happen. If you keep those three under control, Taxotere is doable.

With a gentle hug,

Pam in FL

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Sorry the news wasn't better, but on to the next step! I had amazing results with Taxotere, in fact, it actually knocked the life out of the tumor. Decadron, on the other hand, was much worse for me. So much so that I didn't take it prior to treatment or after treatment, just during treatment. And with just the 1 IV dose of Decadron, I still acted like a raging lunatic the next day. I would take a couple of Benadryl and sleep off the remaining Decadraon. The biggest problem I had with Taxotere was extreme fatigue on day 3 following treatment. Hope Joel does well with the new treatment. You're both in my prayers.


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Gee Maryanne, just don't have the words to make any difference for you guys, ya know? Seems that you got plenty of 'expert' info pertaining to the tx and lots of support in general. I just wish I had anything worthwhile to add. It took me 3 times before making this response.............I am just so bummed for you and Joel. Wish I were just a LITTLE closer to come and just sit with you and be there. Maybe you could PM the info on where Joel is being treated and perhaps (if Fred is up to it) we could work something out.

We are thinking and praying here, Maryanne, for a super response to this round of chemo!

Love and LOTS of support,


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Hi Maryann,

I have been on Taxotere since July - At first I took it weekly for 3 weeks then a week off. After 2 cycles there was small shrinkage, so they went for another round. This time they put me on 6 weeks straight. I finish Oct 23 with a new CT on Nov1.

They said the weekly instead of once a month reduces the side effects - I have thinned hair, tiredness and some other minor problems. I have nothing severe or serious. I take Decadron the day before, day of and day after chemo. Since it keeps me away - the doctor cut the dose in half, so I only take 4 MG each day.

Joel, good luck. Hopefully, this will not be too tough. Make sure you give yourself plenty of rest time and I also agree that lots of fluids are needed.


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I am so happy to hear that they got the c out. It is important to know the type of cancer because that determines the treatment. I know that you know that and that you are doing all that you know to possibly do. I pray that this chemo knocks the c out once and for all.


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Don't have any advice on the chemo, but wanted to let you know I was sending my best wishes to both you and Joel..

Doctors are so insensitive sometimes, I mean what are they thinking?? I remember my first visit ever with the Oncologist over 3 years ago, practically his first words to me were "you have a very aggressive cancer, and it will come back". Now, I can't remember where I put my car keys on a daily basis, I can't remember my son's name half the time, but I can recall that moment in the Onc's office verbatim, like it happened a minute ago.

Anyway, glad you set him straight even though he didn't quite 'get' it.

All my best!

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My Mom is now half way through the second cycle (every 3 weeks) of Taxotere. The first cycle she had muscle pain, some fatigue and had very low blood count on the 7th day, the blood count went back to normal a few days later, she also lost most of her hair. The second cycle, they reduced the dose, and she is tolerating the chemo very well, the only side effect she has is mild-moderate fatigue, which peaked around the 7th day and is now getting better. The doctor will be doing an x-ray for her next Thursday, and we'll get some idea whether the chemo is helping at all.

I wish Joel the best of luck! And please STAY positive!


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Sorry and (((hugs))) about the new information for Joel. Tony was on a Taxotere/Gemzar combination for 12 cycles (each cycle was every three weeks - Taxotere/Gemzar day 1 and Gemzar only day 7). He had significant finger & toenail changes, thickening, discoloration, peeling, etc. He was told at the beginning to rub neosporin into his cuticles twice a day and wear a clear-coat nail polish to try and stave off the nail changes. He, of course, didn't do any of that. He also lost his hair again & developed mouth sores, but not sure what drug it was from. He started on Procrit and Neulasta in cycle 3 and whenever his counts tanked, he got more. He had to go off because he developed severe fluid retention from long term use of taxotere. He looked like the Pillsbury dough boy! Lasix got rid of most of the body fluid, but he hasn't shaken the pleural effusion that developed during this time and still is getting tapped every other week or so since he went off the chemo in May.

Unfortunately he ended up like a little ghost sitting in his easy chair. He was very distant, hardly talked and felt like crap most of the time. It took almost two months off chemo for him to come around to living life again. (He also had 15 radiation sessions during the taxotere/gemzar treatment, so I'm sure that didn't help either.) It wasn't depression, just the fact that the onc. really pushed the envelope in trying to get rid of the cancer. The lung specialist mentioned the other day that she thought we were going to lose him during that time period. They just don't know my Teflon Tony!!

He is doing great now, except for SOB ---- BUT, he has a very aggressive cancer that does keep coming back in both lungs. He never gets much of a break in treatment because of that.

Tony actually felt less sick in his early cycles of treatment with the Taxotere/Gemzar than he did during the Taxol/Carbo combo he had been on.

Hope this helps a bit.


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Maryanne: I think that just because one of the cancers is the same as the original one, that does not necessarily make it a metastasis. I think it would be unusual for a metastasis to show up after almost 2 years. However, they don't know for sure, and so are treating it as if it were a metastasis. That is why they are using taxotere, a second line treatment. It would be a shame to use the carboplatin/taxol again and not have it work. I always assume my cancers won't come back until I am shown otherwise. They did not know for sure if my 3rd cancer was a metastasis or not and so that is why I had 4 rounds of alimta, a second line chemo, as followup. I hope Joel gets no more cancers forever.

Don M

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Hoping this all goes smoothly for Joel. I did not have Taxotare, but did have the decadron before and after my chemo treatments. My experience was really good. The decadron made me feel like I was well. In fact, the first day after my treatment I always cleaned my house. It was after it wore off that I felt the chemo effects.

Hope it effects Joel that way.

Sending prayers.


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