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Spine versus Brain


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Well I met with the spine surgeon, who says that there is no reason to think about spine surgery. If and when we have pain that cannot be more easily remedied, then we can talk.

The bad news is that he thinks the leg weakness is associated with the brain lesions (radiosurgery in July with a followup MRI yesterday). The neurosurgeon said the lesions could not be causing the weakness and that they are all smaller - and responding as expected.

So I just don't know. I spoke to the neurosurgeon's nurse and she said that they would include it in tumor board today and get me an answer on Monday.

So I'll just have to wait.


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They say that the lesions that were treated with radio surgery in July are all smaller and there is some necrosis. They plan a new test called a MR Spect. It's the latest and greatest. Lets them see the lesions, but also allows visualization of activity - blod flow, tumor growth etc.

I have to ask if anyone else has had this and is it the enclosed machine like an MRI, translate...do I need my valium?


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