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Mom getting Decadron- yikes!!


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My mom got her results back. Not good. Not horrible. See Test/Result Time.

She is being prescribed Decadron day before, day of and day after Alimta.

I am very, very nervous!!! With only taking it 3 days a month can the side effects be so bad??

What are your experiences?? She has no brain mets that we know of.



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I can not offer anything personally except for this Link with all the info on Decadron if you do not already have all this info. Sending Prayers and Wishes.

Click on link for Decadron info;

http://www.medicinenet.com/dexamethason ... rticle.htm

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I take decadron the 3 chemo days and there is no problem other than I have difficulty sleeping. Most people do not have bad effects from decadron - My only problem was when I was weaned from it after 2 month on 12mg daily, I had bad withdrawal.

During my stay on decadron, I was "up", I slept less and the only real bad side effect was eating. When I was hungry, I needed food then and there - no waiting.

Good luck. By the way, because I find it difficult to sleep with the decadron, my doctor cust the dosage from 8mg to 4mg and it still protects me from the reactions to chemo.

Good luck.


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I don't mean to make light of this, but if she is anything like my mom, don't let her sit near you at dinner time! My mom couldn't get enough to eat. That was a good thing, though. She was a bit sleepless, too, but otherwise OK.

I really pray your mom has an easy time of it with the Decadron.

:) Kelly

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