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Nominate Katie for People's Hometown Hero


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Katie, I agree that all the survivors are heroes. But it would be discriminatory to pick just one to nominate :) You created LCSC and you are the representative of everyone,that is why you were the obvious choice.

PS--I love the new picture!

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I typed out what I thought and then pared it down to 100 words exactly. Had to substitute shorter phrases in some areas and stay vague, but I DID put in the web address (hopefully, that's only one word!).

You can do it, at least it's not 100 combined letters and spacing like trying to send a text message on a cell phone...

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Brian will be nominating Katie via his e-mail tomorrow ;) And my parents will too when I am there :) All different people with different e-mail addresses.

My point is that all household members with different names and different e-mail addresses can enter :)

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