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I have a sign on my office door that says in big type "In the United States yesterday, 438 people died of lung cancer. I was not one of them." Several people, both faculty and students have commented on it. Yesterday a colleague read it and said, "I like your sense of humor." I told him I really didn't think of that as funny, and I have been thinking about it since. The sign is there for educational purposes for those who don't know how many people are affected by lung cancer, and it is also there for me--so every day I am reminded that 8 months after diagnosis, I am not dead yet, and what's more, I am still at work. I hate that my endurance level has dropped and I hate that when I tried to stop the prednisone, my pneumonitis flared up again and is not yet back to the point it was when I lowered my dose of pred, and I really hate that I have lung cancer at all, but I am still here, and it is good to remind myself of that.

Have a great day everyone.


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