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Is wanting to be popular a bad thing?


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Hi all,

The topic about you on the internet and you in real life got me thinking. Is it a bad thing to want to be popular? I think we all just want to be accepted. Like myself for example, I'm been working real hard to move up the soical ladder and I'm starting to see results...slowly seeing results. Because of this I feel better about myself, I'm actually happy sometimes. :)

So I guess the question is, is wanting to fit in a bad thing? And how far is to far when trying to become popular. The movie Mean Girls comes to mind.. :)


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First of all this question might have better result's if asked in the General question's but i will be first to wade in and attempt to answer your question.

I've alway's read and i believe that one is far better off accepting the person you are and not trying to become some thing your not.Now as for wanting to climb the social ladder that is not for me.Is it wrong i think only if you trade off your moral values and snubb your old friend's who are not willing or fortunate enough to climb the so called social ladder. I believe people will accept you much better by just being you, but i've known people who desired the approval of the so called upper class only to find out later there true friend's were from there old group's. It sound's to me by the fact your asking the question that your having doubt's. As for me i get along with all races and classes of people by just being me and desiring only to ultimately impress and be accepted by the only one who count's GOD....

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