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Roller Coaster ride continues....

Tracey Huguley

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Hi all,

I was gone for awhile...we are still running around talking to Dr's, getting test done, etc...

Dr's at UCLA not so sure stage 4 nsclc...want to do biopsy's in both lungs (multiple sites). So to go from stage 4 to ???? "We aren't sure....this looks puzzling to us..."

Quite the ride.

Godfrey doesn't have a mass or tumor...just lots of small dots....on both lungs....

So the UCLA Dr's are puzzled...so...we're off....for more test....etc...

So keep us in your thoughts and prayers...

Pray for wisdom and truth....that's what we need...

We're hoping this was some kind of pathology mistake...wouldn't that be great...we'll see....holding out for HOPE!!!


Tracey Huguley

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Hi Tracey,

If there was a mistake made at path., it wouldn't be the first time. We have had many other members dx with lc and later renigged.

Crossing fingers and toes that there is just one lung affected or better yet, NO lc.

What are the details? Who put the brakes on and why?

Cindi o'h

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NOBODY IS PERFECT!! every one makes mistakes. Keep fingers and toes and hair braids and everything crossed. I will for ya!!Prayers!!

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Thanks....and yes we are holding out for hope...

UCLA did a conference on Friday and discussed Godfrey's case...they looked at his 2 CT Scans...one with oral and iv contrast and the other without.

They do not see this as cancer on the scans...definitely lung disease but not seeing cancer.

However, we have the biopsy that says cancer.

So they want to re-do the biopsy and do multiple biopsy's in both lungs.

UCLA did "NOT" do the original biopsy or the pathology of it. So hmmmmmm.....we'll see. He is going in for a consultation next week and then the broncoscopy soon after...

Whew....a lot to sit with....one day 2 Dr's are telling us he has 1 yr to 5 yrs to live and the next UCLA has difficulty seeing cancer in the lungs while looking at the CT scans.

Keep us in your prayers...please....


Tracey Huguley

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