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deep breathe pain

betty boop

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When i take a deep cleansing breath, I often have a catch in my side where tumor is, I was hoping this would go away with the chemo and radiation finished. Has anyone with IIIB had surgery after chemo and rad. or is just always going to be inoperable? Feeling not so tired now, still took a nap yesterday for about 1 hour.


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Hi Betty,

They told me that my lung was inoperable after chemo/rad. The surgeon said it lost it's pliability and beauty after tx. He compared a pretty lung to a new sponge and my beat up lung to a dried out dirty old sponge that's crisp from sitting on the garage shelf too long. He said that it wouldn't heal if he tried to sew it back together. He said the scar tissue has lost the elasticity.

Don't know about the catch in your side. Makes me think of the pleural lining though. Pleuracy?

Good luck. Keep resting. It's good for you.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Betty,

I have seen others here who were dx 3b and went through chemo and I think radiation. Their tumors shrunk enough and then they had surgery. Look at Ursol. She went through radiation and chemo recently then had surgery this month.

Good luck! I hope you get good news soon.


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I actually asked my radiation oncologist about reading that many surgeons will not operate after radiation due to scar tissue and I was concerned. My radiation oncologist told me not to worry because he spoke with my surgeon and my surgeon said he had done tons of surgeries on patients lungs after radiation with no problems and did not foresee any issues.

Besides the horrible pain in recovering my surgery has gone without complication.


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