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Today, tomorrow and the next day will be the aniversary of the last great days that Johnny and I had together before the anxiety started. It is just so hard to face these days alone. I want to go back and know then what I know now but I can't and it hurts so much.

It is just so hard to keep up the fight for justice for Johnny when I have to do it alone. He was my strength and my inspiration. Without him it just seems so hopeless. His kids are just off living their lives even tho they have the same questions that I do. They will do nothing to help. I feel like all I can find is brick walls stopping me from doing what needs to be done.

I'm sorry to be so emotional but life has played some dirty tricks on all of us and by reading here I know that you all understand that.

I have one question that some of you can answer. Please tell me some of the proceedures used for your diagnosis. Did any of you come up against the problem of too little done to diagnose and them assuming just by your exrays? These things eat at me night and day. I just know that not enough was done to diagnose Johnny and I feel that for some reason that is what really led to his death.

I appreciate your help and I will tell you that the support you show here for one another and me is really wonderfull. Keep up the good work and I know that someday God will bless us all with the answers needed to kick this stuff in the butt. Lillian

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Lillian, I'm sorry you are having to go through this. Tim went to a general doctor with a complaint of stomach and flank pain. She did a blood test and a chest Xray (just because he was a smoker) and called us that afternoon with the results that he was anemic, his white cell count was high and his protein levels were high. She scheduled him for a CT scan of his abdomen for two days later and they called the afternoon of the CT scan and said it showed and abnormal kidney and his chest Xray didn't look good. Within 4 days of his first doctors appointment, he had a chest CT and that evening they called and said to make an appointment with a pulmunoligst. So within 4 days of the orginal doctors visit we were knew he had something wrong with his kidney and probably had lung cancer.

They did tests for his kidney, washing out cells and looking up inside his kidney with a scope. They also did a broncoscopy to verify the lung cancer and get a biopsy. He also had a PET scan and another broncoscopy to verify everything.

I don't know why John didn't have any of these test. Doesn't seem right to me. I think this is the way things are supposed to progress; step by step tests to verify and rule out and type and stage.

I sure hope you can find someone in the legal field to help you go after the doctors who mistreated John. I was shocked when I read the story you emailed me.


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