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I've had some members ask about placing donation jars/boxes in stores and businesses during Novembers lung cancer awareness month. I think this is a great idea and I can provide them to you!!

But we need to hurry as we only have a week before LUNG CANCER AWARENESS MONTH!

Here is what you will need to provide and I can send the jars/boxes to you:

We would need your name and contact info, the store in which the jars would be, and the time period the jar/box would be out. We could also include some

brochures for further information...

We would also suggest that the volunteer check on the box every so often to remove some cash it if it gets full, but to leave some change and dollars in it to keep it looking "busy."

Please contact me via PM or e-mail (katieb@lchelp.org) with this information if you are interested and have a place in which to leave these donation jars/boxes.

All proceeds would benefit the LUNGevity Foundation!

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You KNOW I am very interested, Katie. Would it just be the month of November? The bc boxes are around all the time. However, I have NO idea today WHERE I would place them. I will need a couple of days to make the rounds and see. This is necessary prior to the placement of such containers? I'll get back to you ASAP with the needed info. Just not sure I will have what you need for it to be in time for the beginning of November.



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Excellent Katie! I had just spoken with Cate @ LUNGevity about this last week. She said she would get the stickers, etc. out to me, but I figured I would have to hit up some of the local bottled water co.'s for container donations 8)

Kasey ~ I have gone to my local grocery stores. Ask the manager who handles regional public relations, and you can do much of the work via phone/FAX. I make the initial contact in person, so that the local store can recall my frequent patronage. Starbuck's is also an excellent prospect. In our area, many of these are also located in the grocery stores. Hair salons, the local Harley dealership, restaurants, even your place of work.....? (Maybe even that stingy hairdresser of yours would at least host a container...? :lol::lol::wink: ) Like Cate mentioned, even if the proceeds aren't huge ~ the visibility at least brings it to peoples' attention.

I'll pm you Katie with my info. As usual, GREAT work!!!

P.S. I like the new pic, too!

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Thanks folks. This is something that LCSC has done in the past, but I just got LUNGevity on board officially this week. They are willing to provide brochures as well.

Just get me the info and I can get these shipped out.

Kasey, NO, if a company or business is willing to keep these around longer than November, by all means! The donation boxes/jars bring awareness to the disease no matter what month it is!!!

Thank you all so much!!!

Let's do it!!

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I would think they would do well in doctor offices and cancer centers also. I know our doctor's office always has Relay for Life can out in the summer. Katie--anyway we can get the stickers or whatever and then tell you where they are? It would be nice to be able to ask and then just leave the can.

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Ditto on what Ry asked, Katie -- can we get the stickers/brochures and then report where they are? It is nice to leave the can(s) right when you get the initial "yes," especially if we are dealing with local store to store (or location to location) support rather than regional chain mgr. buy-in right now.

Would also like to know how we deal with collecting cash from the boxes -- how do we send this in to LUNGevity and account for it properly? Keep the cash and write a check -- sending cash through the mail isn't wise these days? Is there a standard way to assure local stores who may wonder whether LUNGevity actually gets everything collected?

Hey, what can I say....I've lived in the non-profit world and some kind of accounting is important in my area, especially with cash. It's the times we live in, unfortunately! All I can think of is to have the store manager sign off on what the collection can amount is (me count, s/he confirm somehow).


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If the store is collecting the donations, then of course let the store know that they can do this one of two ways, they can either give you the amount raised in cash or cut a check for the amount raised and then they will KNOW exactly what was going to LUNGevity AND get the tax deductable write-off for it.

FOr other businesses who just allow you to leave the donation box, you can collect the cash and then write a check for the amount raised and then YOU will get the tax deductable write off.

I will see what I can do about getting the boxes in advance. Since this is no longer an LCSC thing (where I bear the liability fully myself and use my own personal descretion) but now it is LUNGevity bearing the liability, there are more formal ways to do things to ensure that there is no inproprieties involved in the fundraising. They don't "know" you guys the way I do. Let me see what I can do.

Donna, I sent you an e-mail. They are on their way for your event!

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