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9 Months


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On Jan 23 2006 I lost my best friend, My love and My Wife of nearly 10 years to a disease called lung Cancer. Married Feb 16th 1997 after a year long engagement and living together, we said those MAGIC Words. In sickness and health for richer or poorer. usually poorer, but still happy about it. and until March 2003 In health. Now after March 2003 it was in sickness. We never had a single fight about money. Never had enough to fight about. The bills were paid and the holidays were nice. Not extravagant but nice. In May of 1998 we loaded up a Uhaul and a Ford Ranger after selling both our vehicles and moved to North Carolina. OK Think about beverly hillbollies but in reverse. :wink::lol: thought that would help.

When we got here we bought a little house in the Burbs nnot far from my folks. they are still around thank god and knock on wood. Not Don Wood though, Okay? :) We managed theough all this stuff called life for a long time and were happy.

On Jan 21 2006 Deb could not breathe she was gasping for air after dinner. Called the ambulance and went to ER. was admiited by Head of Oncolgy who is a friend of a friend coincidentally. she did ok for the weekend, and was to start possibly Alimta Avastin on the 24th Of Jan or possibly an emergency radiation treatment. at 2:55 Am after all vitals were checked and she had been given a breathing treatment and a Morphine shot. she got out of her bed and sat in her recliner and went to the Light.

Now it is 9 months later!! :cry: I go to work every morning, Cook dinner for Daisy dawg and myself, Do the laundry, cut the grass and anything else I have to do. I did not crawl into a Bottle of Jim Beam :D every day or nite. I did not climb the tower in town and go nuts :lol:

I am here thanks to everyone on this board and I thank you for all the support and energy and prayers and understanding you have given me so far. oh yeah, this is not a hall pass, so don't worry, I ain't goin nowhere!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink::lol::):shock::P:D:mrgreen:8) Love ya and see ya at chat tuesday nite thanks agin!!!

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Sorry Randy.

I've read your signature several times and how you describe her running to the light and your (our) journey lingers on...I have found a lot of comfort in the way you put that.

I pray for you peace, and I pray for us the faith while here to know and take comfort that we'll be with our loved ones again there.

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Randy- you didn't add your lung cancer license plate accomplishment or how much you help here by researching articles. Deb is so proud of you I know- that you went through a horrible tragedy and came out finding something positive to do.

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I, for one, am so glad you didn't climb into that bottle of Jim Beam, though you'd meet a lot of my friends there. I see your name all over the place here and read all your post's for inspiration and hope. A lot of them in the news part is so cool. I don't know where you find this stuff but I'm so glad you do. Keep the chin up and know that we love you. Liz

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You are such an inspiration to us here, Randy.

I'm glad you realized that the bottle of Beam is such a temporary patch. Eventually we all have to begin to deal with the painful process of grieving.

And it helps to know there are others who know our story and we can open up our hearts and begin to heal.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Warm Hugs,


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You are a great inspiration and a great beacon of hope and advice to all of us that share this terrible thing called cancer.

Thanks for sharing the spirit of your beloved wife through all the amazing work you do for others affected by this shi##y desease.

Warmest thoughts and prayers to you Randy,


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Thanks so much for all that you do. You have helped me more times than you know. Although I have not yet ventured into a Tuesday night chat (just not ready for that yet. Sorry) One of these days I truly hope to.

Sending you prayers, hugs, love and one of your favorite things.. warm, fuzzy blankets (or is it towels?? Either way, what a concept!) from the dryer!! :D

Hugs to you,


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Randy ~

To you and to all of you folks who have lost a loved one yet remain here for the rest of us..........I cannot express enough gratitude. You give the rest of us a shot in the arm, so to speak with your courage and compassion. I hope you know that because of what you continue to do that their death was not in vain. Thanks to all my heroes!

Love all,


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and warm blanket from the dryer to you too. Anniversary dates SUCK.

I too have always seen your 'running to the light' in your signature and it always has stuck in my head.

We linger on for now, and we will be reunited someday.

Thanks for all you do

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To our beloved RandyW:

When I came in here as a scared LC newbie, you were one of the first people who inspired me with your courage, calmed me with your words, led me with your knowledge and research help, impressed me with your unceasing dedication to knowledge on this horrible dx, propped me up so much more with your personal PM help when I couldn't cope......you are a treasure to the memory of your lovely Deb in so many ways I can't even begin to count -- I just wish I could take away your pain in return. Hopefully somewhere over all of these months I've contributed in some measure as you have -- I've tried (and will continue to) as I could -- all because of your example.

I'm glad you didn't go the Jim Beam route -- I'd have missed the real heart of a dear friend here.


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I am exactly 23 days ahead of you on this journey.

Brian died Jan. 1.

I always read your posts.

I did not crawl into a bottle, either, but sometimes it calls me.

Bunny helps me w/ that.

I am so sore and so sad and miss Bri like fire.

I understand and I care.



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