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After Taxol treatments - is this normal??


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My fiance's father has Stage IV NSCLC with mets to the adrenal glands. He could not have surgery. He finished his 6th round of Taxol chemo treatments on August 13.

A couple of weeks after the last treatment, they did a scan and found that the tumors had all shrunk pretty considerably. The doctor said to go home and build his strength up over the next 6 weeks or so, then they'd bring him back in and decide on whether or not to try radiation or more chemo.

Well, on Labor Day weekend, he had to be hospitalized because he was very weak, tired, and lethargic. They kept him for a few days, gave him fluids, and gave him a transfusion, then sent him home. Ever since then, his condition has gotten worse. He cannot walk more than a couple of steps without assistance and he has to be forced to do that. He throws up almost everything he eats. Today, they managed to get a home health nurse to stop by and evaluate him and she is going to tell the doctor to get a physical therapist and a nurse over there on a regular basis. After she left, his condition seemed to worsen a little. He's barely responding to anyone and cannot stand up at all even with assistance. They are going to watch him during the night and if he is no better, call an ambulance in the morning.

Everyone kept telling us that 6 weeks or so after his last treatment, he'd be feeling a lot better. But he is worse now than he was during his treatments. We are just very perplexed.

Is this common? Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks for your help!

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There really isn't anything common where lc is involved. What happens to one person, may not happen to another. It could be the chemo causing this, it could be the cancer. Surely by now he is either a little better or in the hospital to find out what is happening. Maybe he is dyhydrated. I sure hope the drs know and are helping and he is feeling somewhat better.. keep us informed. will keep him in my prayers.

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Thank you Norme! He went to the hospital last night and was diagnosed as having pneumonia. He is doing much better today, thank goodness. Obviously he's still in some danger, but they are pretty confident that he will get better since he's already showing major signs of improvement. We're just very relieved to have an answer.

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