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When think pink month is gone


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I sent this letter to our local newspaper editorial page. I don't know if the will print it but I had to at least try. Lillian

When think pink month is gone

Everywhere I go I see pink. There are collection cups at stores and banners reminding us to think pink for Breast Cancer awareness. Even M&M's made a pink candy to help support the cause. As a woman I find that very reassuring. At the same time it leaves me disturbed.

Last year we were two weeks into November when I saw a collection cup at the grocery store. It was Lung Cancer Awareness month but they were still collecting for Breast Cancer. As someone who has lost two very special loved ones to Lung Cancer I want to remind people. We need more than stop smoking ads in November we need to educate people.

I had thought that with so many prominate people dying of Lung Cancer this past two years that things would change. When will someone set up and take notice that Lung Cancer is not just a smokers disease? I don't deny smoking can cause Lung Cancer but it is NOT the only cause. People who don't smoke and are not exposed to tobacco smoke and get Lung Cancer are usually diagnosed in the latest stages simply because even the doctors have the same mind set!!

This year let's see a difference! Let people know that even non smokers are at risk and should keep up with their lung health. Let's see those collection cups out there for Lung Cancer raising money for more research. No one deserves Lung Cancer, not even those who smoke. If that stigma can be removed then maybe someday we will see a difference.

More women die of Lung Cancer than Breast Cancer. More people die of Lung Cancer than Colon, Prostrate and Breast Cancer combined. Yet we are asked to vote for a tax on tobacco when those cancers get double the money Lung Cancer would. Lung Cancer is the last item listed to recieve those funds. Don't you think it is time we make a change?

Lillian A Duplantis

French Gulch

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