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Back from Disney and got good news!


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Well, first of all, our trip to Disney was fantastic! We hit all the parks, some twice, a water park, Downtown Disney and even managed a day at seaworld to visit Shamu. I was so worried about how I'd hold up and as it turns out I think I put my family to shame with the amount of energy I had.

Arrived home late saturday, spent sunday doing the usual post vacation stuff, and then off to scan results and chemo monday morning.

The official report says stable with some improvement, my doc. says that he believes the report is a bit understated. The two smaller nodules have shrunk, as has the larger mass AND the larger mass is much less solid, down to 1.6 x 1.6cm from 4 cm. it has taken on a hazy appearance which my doc says is good. Also, an area that had appeared hazy on the last scan is now all clear. The only stubborn area seems to be the pleura, still stable, maybe next time. I'm feeling really well lately, cough has pretty well cleared up and aches and pains are lessening, not to mention my energy seems to be coming back (except for the chemo yesterday). My last chemo is scheduled for 11/13 so we're keeping everything crossed that these last two treatments really knock this thing out of the ballpark.

Trying not to get my hopes up, but boy it would be nice to put this aside for just a bit, especially with the holidays coming.


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